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About Us

Chico Impeach! is a local, not-for-profit (effectively nonprofit) impeachment action campaign and coalition, for the city of Chico, California, and the surrounding Butte County areas, unless and until they start their own groups. (the 'tri-city area' is Chico, Paradise, and Oroville)

Although the impeachment issue is a national issue, and a Congressional issue, it can also be encouraged (or demanded) at the local level. How is it that an impeachment resolution can begin at the local level? (especially if Congress fails to enact the will of the people?)

The Jefferson Manual describes the various methods of setting impeachment in motion. One is by charges transmitted from a state legislature to the Congress. This was done by the state of Vermont for George Bush (43). Cities, too, can petition Congress, as have nearly 100 cities, towns, municipalities and counties across the nation to date, similarly to Vermont. In California, this includes Arcata, Berkeley, San Fernando, San Francisco, Santa Cruz, Santa Rosa, Sebastopol, West Hollywood and Willits. (Chico Impeach! petitioned the Chico City Counsel to do so, as well, but it was voted down) One way or another, we would like to see similar results for Donald Trump. Perhaps this time the Chico City Counsel will act better than they did previously.

Over one million citizens signed an online petition in support of impeachment for George Bush (43). And millions of Americans are concerned about the abuses of power by the executive branch, and other concerns, and are working to get Congress to begin impeachment proceedings for Donald Trump, for simliar and expanded reasons.

Chico Impeach! fully supports and seeks this goal. Impeach Trump Now!

Impeach Trump! It's the American thing to do.
Impeach, or Die?
Justice = Just Us -- Blind but all-seeing
The grassroots Impeachment movement is widespread and far-reaching
It's time to impeach Donald Trump
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